Have Your Wishes Set in Stone

Making the plans for your final arrangements

Byrgan Cremation and Burial offers funeral pre-planning so you can have your funeral and burial prearranged to your specifications. Don’t let your loved ones worry about how to make your final arrangements happen. Invest in an insurance policy or trust to guarantee your funeral services until the time of need.

Reasons to pre-plan your funeral

Considering prearranging your funeral? Here are some reasons for planning your funeral ahead of time that will benefit you and your loved ones.

  • Your loved ones will not have to make the arrangements themselves
  • Your loved ones will not have to go through as much.
  • All urgent decisions will already have been completed
  • Funeral costs are addressed and you have peace of mind

Meet Don!

Don is a new member to the Byrgan family. He leads all of our advanced funeral planning and would be happy to help you with any of your pre arrangement needs!